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Islamic Center for the worshiping of God

Survey shows Muslim population

The Muslim population is even growing faster than the number of Canadians identifying as having no religion, though just barely, according to the National Household Survey released Wednesday. Author of the article: Postmedia News OTTAWA — The Islamic centre in Saskatoon is experiencing growing pains. Friday services have been split in two so local streets…
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The Historiography of ISLAM in ETHIOPIA

This article is a critique of prevailing readings of al-Tabarî’s history as essentially religious, and therefore different from modern history. Because it consists of historical reports (akhbâr) transmitted by generations of scholars, the dominant view is that it reflects an Islamic scholarly culture of “traditionalism” where knowledge is authoritative only as imputed to a collective,…
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Early ARAB Contact

The audacity of faith

The Prayer Has Never Been this Hard Libraries are like studios. No sound goes unheard. No noise passes without someone looking up or, in this case, a librarian hissing and excitedly shushing the disturber of the peace, silencing the noise polluter. Nervously flitting and creeping about the bookshelves, I was endeavoring to be as quiet…
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Importance of Prayer

Salat or the prescribed Prayer has been mentioned in the Holy Quran as an essential characteristic of a true believer. The Holy Quran states: لمتقين۝ۙهدیۛِ يهفۛريبلاالكتبذلكَ َُُِّْٰ ْ َ ْ ُِّْلًَۚ ََِِِْٰۖۚالذنَْيَِّ Salat—The Muslim Prayer Book 5 يوبالغيبؤمنونُ ْ َِْ ََُُِِْْيرزقنهممماوا لوةقيمونْْ ُ ََُْْٰ ََََِّّٰلصَِينفقون۝َْۙ ُُِْThis is a perfect Book; there is no doubt in…
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Rules of the Fasting of Ramadan

Prepared by Mohamed Baianonie, Imam of the Islamic Center of Raleigh, NC Allaah ﷻ says in the Qur’aan what may be interpreted as, “O’ you who believe, fasting is prescribed for you as it was prescribed for those before you so that you may achieve Taqwaa (righteousness, God-fearing).” [Surat Al-Baqarah, verse 183] The prophet Muhammad…
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